Own Label

Create your own range of Vitamins and Supplements.
No contract, no set-up fee, complete flexibility



Who else do you supply?
Hundreds of independent health food shops and pharmacies, along with many of the medium sized multiple pharmacies.

How do I get started?
It’s easy. Supply us with your store logo, which we incorporate into our label template. You sign it off, then we supply your goods. Simple!

But I don’t want to make a large investment in stock?
You won’t have to. The PHP Own-label range has been specifically developed for businesses such as yours. There is no stock commitment required as we manufacture to order.

How quickly will I get my orders?
Very quickly. Your first order will be with you no more than 10 working days from sign-off. Subsequent orders are quicker – no more than 5 working days.

What if there’s a problem? Who takes liability?
Our details as manufacturer are on the container so we retain full liability for the goods. Your logo being on the tub does not transfer liability to yourself as the retailer, so you have no worries.

What costs are involved?
Nothing is required from you, apart from your logo. No set-up fee, no contract and no financial commitment is required.

What are the minimum order quantities?
You can pick and choose from the entire range – 3 singles is the minimum you will have to take for any product. You don’t have to take a fixed amount of lines either, just order what you want, when you want.

I don’t have a logo, what can I do?
We’ve got lots of predesigned logos for you to choose from, which we can incorporate you store’s details into. If you want something bespoke, we can put you in touch with a designer.

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